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A Fitter Life by Wannabe Outdoor Enthusiast 18th March 2016

Wannabe Outdoor EnthusiastSo it feels like those New Year resolutions I  made 6 weeks ago should still be going strong....except I can feel my motivation waning.

My main resolution was to be more active, to do something, anything on a regular basis - I didn't want to pin myself to a particular number of days a week or anything, there's nothing like failing before you've even started.

6 weeks in I can tell you it didn't work, I might have averaged physically doing something once a week, though I thought about being active lots - does that count?

A different tactic is called for. I met a friend the other day who told me that for Lent she committed to running everyday for around 20 minutes. If she ended up staying out longer then great, if not then at least she had been outside and run for 20 minutes, and the upshot was that she felt great. I've mulled this over and like the idea of this type of commitment, except the thought of running every day immediately makes my inner Chimp say 'Really? Would you Really drag yourself out running every day for 40 if'.

However, I think I can commit to doing something, anything every day for 40 days - yoga, swimming, running, walking and other stuff. That, I could see myself doing and even enjoying. And I would be getting fitter every day, however it happened.

So yesterday I dragged the dog out for a 30 minute run/walk (more running than walking) and I think that over the next few weeks it could even end up as a full length run. Today I'm feeling a bit of an ache from yesterday's exertion so it's going to be yoga at home and I'm off to buy myself a Fitbit.

I have one of the older Fitbit models but I reckon it's time to upgrade to one of those that tells you your heart rate, even when you're sat watching Mozart In The Jungle, along with telling you how often, how far and how long it took you to run/walk. It even tells you how you slept, though I'm not sure how useful that would be.

This could be the added motivation I've been looking for, especially if it will tell me to get up off the sofa and stop being a lazy slob. We'll see.

So, what are your tactics for dragging yourself outdoors on a regular basis?


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