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Sunny Days Are Here Again 19th March 2015

80F over the Easter holidays in the UK, really??

It's hard to believe when it's currently so cold your nose feels like it's about to drop off, however we're all for positive thinking at Tinder & Tide so with that in mind, we thought you might need some ideas to help you enjoy those sunny days.


Nothing lifts the spirits like a day in the sun with friends, if it's a hot day like we've been promised then you'll need one of our lovely bright Sunshades from Field Candy. These sunshades can be sited in 3 different formations to cover a family or couple, they're UV fade resistant and 100% waterproof (just in case), oh and no-one will miss you on the beach!

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If you're going to the beach why not take one of our lovely new Scrunch Buckets? These buckets will squash down so they take up no room at all and there'll be no need to sing about holes in your plastic bucket anymore. They come with a rope handle and in a variety of colours and make perfect sand castles (tried and tested).


Now some of us like nothing more than lieing back on our Hammamas towels and reading a book in the sun, whereas some can't sit still and need to be occupied, here's a few ideas:


Skimboarding is a fantastic water sport that can be enjoyed at all levels, you might be wondering what it is? It started around 60 years ago with traditional wooden boards (like ours) and involves waiting for a wave while on the beach. Once you spot the wave you drop your board onto the wet sand, jump on it quickly and hopefully glide out catching the wave and if you are really skilled, banking back in again. Essentially it is very similar to boogie boarding and great fun - this is an excellent board to introduce you to the sport, just don't forget your wax too!


If a few of you fancy going out on the water together, how about this Sevylor Kayak? The beauty of it is that it's a blow up kayak that you can easily pack into the back of the car, still with lots of room for everything else - plus it seats 3 people, so great fun for a family or group of friends.

If you'd rather stay on dry land then how about a game of Rounders, and if you just can't decide what game to play, this pack has loads of outdoor games to choose from, Not Just Cricket!


Of course you can't have a day in the sun without a picnic, here's some essentials we think you'll need:

  • Picnic bag or hamper
  • Picnic rug or blanket (which will also keep you warm as the sun drops)
  • Plates and cutlery - try to eat out of something that feels a bit more special than a plastic tub
  • Glasses / cups though not with stems  (don't forget your corkscrew)
  • Thermos to keep soup or water in
  • Portable bbq
  • Rubbish bags for clearing away afterwards

In terms of the picnic itself you can pop to your local supermarket to pick up essentials and then just jazz them up or go the whole hog and prepare something from scratch, a great book for some ideas is The Picnic Cookbook by Annie Bell. Here are some ideas:

  • Dips
  • Cold cuts of meat
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Food to grill - meat/fish/cheese
  • Something sweet to end on - fruit/cake/biscuits
  • Wine/soft drinks/water


And finally, if you need something to carry all these goodies to the beach/park in, we've plenty to choose from including these lovely Bill Brown bags or if you want something a little more functional you could try our Suki bag (check out our other designs if dolls aren't your thing).

There's only one thing left to say, just don't forget your sun cream and have a fantastic Easter break, wherever the sun may be.

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