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Top 10 Beach Games 30th March 2015


Top 10 Beach Games

The sun is on it's way so it's time to get to the beach,  here are our top ten beach games to get everyone involved from young to old...

1. Fill the bucket

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You will need:

- 2 large buckets

- 2 small buckets (could use cups)

Place the two large buckets the same distance from the sea. It is a race for each competitor to go to the sea and back using the small buckets to fill the large buckets. The winner is the person who fills their bucket first. This can be made even more fun by having teams and setting up relays. An absolutely fantastic way to exhaust children.

2. French cricket


You will need:

- A cricket bat

- A ball (tennis ball best if children are playing)

There are many variations on the rules but the simplest version is as follows. One person is batsman and you can have as many fielders as you wish. The batsman holds the bat vertically in front of their legs. A fielder bowls (any bowling/throwing action is fine) towards the batsman. If the batsman hits the ball he is allowed to change position. If he misses the ball he is not allowed to move. Whoever retrieves the ball is the next bowler. The batsman is out if the ball is caught or hits his legs.

3. Musical towelsweb_products_hammamas_original_aqua

You will need:

- 1 towel per person

- WOW wireless speaker

This is a new version of an old party classic. Place a folded towel for each person on the sand and when the music stops each person has to find a towel to stand on. Take a towel away and start again until there is only one towel with one person standing on it.

4. Flip-flop Welly Wanging

You will need:

- A flip-flop for each participant

The easiest game to set up since all you have to do is see who can throw the flip-flop the furthest. Loser buys the ice-creams.

5. Frisbee

You will need:

- A frisbee

You forget how addictive this is until you get onto the beach and start skimming backwards and forwards between each other.

6. Seaside Olympics

You will need:

- Whatever you have to hand and your imagination

Use your imagination to come up with as many events as you can. Relays, running races, three-legged races, ball between the knees races or a mixture of other games from this list. Nominate one person to keep score so that you can eventually come up with an overall event winner.

7. Sea handball


You will need:

- A ball of any description

A group stands in a circle up to their waists in the sea and the challenge is to keep the ball up in the air volley-ball style for as long as possible. See if you can reach twenty boffs. The great thing about being in the sea is that you can lose your fear and really dive for those hard-to-reach balls.

8. Splash roulette

You will need:

- Paper and a pen

- An empty bucket

- A bucket full of water

Divide the piece of paper into twenty pieces and write a number on each piece from one to twenty. Fold each piece of paper and put them all into the empty bucket. Choose one player to be 'it'. This players chooses one piece of paper from the bucket but does not show anyone what number is on the paper. He/she picks up the bucket full of water. Everyone else forms a circle around him/her. Each of the players takes it in turns to say a number. As soon as someone says the number that 'it' has picked he throws the bucket of water at that person.

9. Chicken

You will need:

- Water balloons

Another simple yet splashy game. It is just catch with a water balloon - the results are obvious.

10. Rounders


You will need:

- 1 rounders bat

- 4 posts

- 1 ball (tennis ball or similar)

The players are split into two teams. The rounders posts are set out in a square. The bowler bowls to player one in the batting team. The aim of the game is to hit the ball and run from post 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 before the ball is retrieved and the post the batsman is running to is stumped or the ball is caught. If you reach 4th post before the ball reaches it, you score a rounder for your team. The winning team is the team that scores the most rounders before everyone is out.

We hope that gives you plenty of ideas, but most importantly, just remember to have fun in the sun!

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